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David M. Salkin is known for his fast paced military-espionage thrillers, but most recently released a moving and important novella on the sacrifice, love and courage that is our military. Learn a little bit here and shop for his books on the following platforms.

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Battle Scars

Marine Corporal Sean Nichols is wounded in a devastating ambush that takes the lives of his three friends and leaves him an amputee. If not for the heroism of his sergeant, Deke Tilman, who pulled him out of the road, Sean would have surely died with his fire team. With the help of Deke, Sean now embarks on his next mission—recuperate from his serious injuries, and visit the families of his fallen comrades as he tries to make peace with such profound loss. 
Battle Scars is a thought provoking drama with compelling characters that illustrates the resiliency and strength of the human spirit, the power of love and friendship, and the ability to overcome even our darkest moments. Gritty realism and original storytelling breathe life into Battle Scars as it inspires us with a surprising tale of heroism and the great sacrifice made by our modern war fighters. A Novella you can read in a few hours, but will think about for days.

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The Team (The Team, Book I)

The United States Navy All-Star Exhibition Baseball Team boasts fifteen superb athletes who will face the Emir of Qatar’s personal baseball team in his private, climate controlled, domed stadium. There’s only one catch—the United States Navy doesn’t have an All-Star baseball Team.
A special team of elite warriors is assembled from the SEALs, Marine Recon, Army Rangers and the CIA to be used as a rapid deployment force when unconventional or covert operations are needed anywhere on the globe. Using the baseball team as a cover story, the Navy All-Stars fly to Qatar to find the leader of the New Wahabi Jihad and prevent a terrorist attack. Intelligence leads point to missing Sarin gas from Syria, and possible targets include The Al Udeid Air Base in Doha, as well as the new soccer stadium built for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar—a location chosen perhaps because of a few million dollars in bribery money.
Operating without the approval of foreign governments, The Team works covertly to try and locate the Sarin before a major attack can take place. With bodies piling up in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the clock ticking, The Team plays hardball, on and off the field.

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Into the Jungle (The Team, Book II)

When a small army is needed, but the operation must remain covert, the President calls on The Team—a very special ensemble of Marines, Rangers, SEALs and CIA operatives who make up one of the most lethal fighting forces in the US arsenal. 
Enrique Antonio Vega runs one of the largest cocaine cartels in South America, deep in the rain forest of the Tri-Border region. With a tribe of cannibalistic Guarani Natives as his personal army, he operates with impunity. That is, until he takes part in the murder of the U.S. Ambassador. Having just returned from the Middle East where they foiled two large-scale terror attacks, The Team is retooled and sent to the jungle of the Tri-Border Region. Their journey to the lair of Enrique Vega is perilous at every turn, and is the wild ride of The Team Book II, Into The Jungle.

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African Dragon (The Team, Book III)

To gain access to the vast mineral wealth of the Democratic Republic of Congo, China sends in disguised military advisors who will lead the “People’s Army of Congo” against the seated government. The US won’t sit back and allow China to overthrow a pro-western democracy, but also doesn’t want open hostilities against China. There’s only one way to prevent another African war—send in The Team.
Chinese military advisors have helped build the PAC Army into a sizeable fighting force capable of taking down the government in Kinshasa. The Chinese are also operating a mine, illegally searching for uranium and plutonium—their real reason for being in the DRC. With the clock ticking, the The Team is forced to take on an army that outnumbers them a thousand to one. To some folks, it might sound like a suicide mission. To these warriors, it’s just another day at the office.

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The Shadow of Death (The Team Book IV)

When deep cover CIA agent Apo Yessayan hears Spanish being spoken in northern Syria, he knows something evil is afoot. A new unholy alliance, between ISIS and a powerful Mexican drug cartel, will bring grave danger to the porous American border. Apo and The Team are called in for a covert special operation in Mexico against the cartels. 
As Apo works his way into the underworld of the Mexican drug cartels for a face-to-face meeting with their leader El Gato, The Team is inserted by submarine to assault El Gato’s estate-fortress. Although the United States and Mexico have planned the capture of El Gato together, not everyone has the same agenda—and knowing who to trust means the difference between life and death.

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Dangerous Ground (The Team, Book V)

The South China Sea is a dangerous place. China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Brunei are all building artificial islands in an attempt to claim territorial waters. When the United States discovers that a long missing twenty-megaton nuclear bomb—a “Broken Arrow”—sits at six hundred feet, right next to the construction of a new island, The Team is dispatched to recover it. 
With Chinese fighter jets buzzing US Navy ships, ISIS fighters in Brunei preparing for an attack on Singapore, and two reporters from New Zealand begging for rescue from ISIS pursuers, it’s a mission that will test The Team.
Posing as Canadian oilmen working on an off-shore oil platform, The Team is tasked with recovering two nuclear weapons lost almost thirty years ago when a US bomber went down. The problem? Not only is Brunei building an artificial island right next to the wreck-site, they’re also harboring an ISIS training facility.
Espionage, black ops, and politics blend for a volatile read in David Salkin’s newest Team thriller!

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The Mop (A Book from the Team Series)

After waves of terrorist strikes on U.S. soil take their toll, the CIA is forced to “take out The MOP.” 
Breaking too many laws to count, the secret agents and special operators of The MOP race against the clock to prevent yet another attack. As incursions happen all over the country, the FBI and CIA try desperately to catch up to the Army of Islam before it can carry out the next offensive. The MOP Team has little to go on, and too much to lose—a dangerous combination that requires their very, very special set of skills.

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Necessary Extremes

Known across Iran as a violent and powerful Mullah, Bijon Mujaharov is in fact a spy for the CIA. With his hateful speeches, he has won the respect of Iran’s leaders—and has gained access to their secrets. Now he has learned a devastating fact: Iran has weapons grade nuclear material—and Israel is their most likely target.
In order to prevent World War III, the CIA must take action from within. Agents Stills and Mackey are sent in to aid Bijon. But the mission is not merely to take out the nukes. They plan to incite an Iranian revolution…

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Crescent Fire

The enemy is powerful.
Al Qaeda, Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups have joined forces under a maniacal new leader, Fadi Wazeeri.
The plan is simple.
With a Scud missile launcher hidden inside an oil tanker, Wazeeri can get a nuclear weapon well within range of the White House. And the time to strike is soon.
The odds are astronomical.
Agents Still and Hollahan are on a special assignment—one that technically does not exist. They have little more than the name of the mysterious terrorist mission: Crescent Fire. Good thing these boys know how to work under pressure. . . .

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